Sodium in Salami
The favorite choice for the term "Salami" is 1 slice of Pork Salami (Dry or Hard) which has about 230 mg of sodium. The amount of sodium for a variety of types and serving sizes of Salami is shown below.
Popular Types of Salami

Beef Salami 262
Beef and Pork Salami 245
Cotto Salami 245
Pork Salami 226
Soft Salami 298
Turkey Salami 285

Other Common Suggestions

1 oz Italian Pork Salami 529
3 slices Dry or Hard Beef Pork Salami 543
5 slices Dry Pork and Beef Italian Salami with 50% Less Sodium 262
1 Salami Sandwich with Spread 668

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