Beef Tacos
A healthy dinner treat that feels like you are cheating.
Servings: 2
Average Rating: Average FatSecret member ranking
  1. Mince onions and put in frying pan.
  2. Defrost lean ground beef and add with onions browning well.
  3. Add garlic powder and a dash of salt.
  4. Prepare the raw vegetable; dice tomatoes, shred romaine lettuce, shred cilantro, shred cheddar cheese.
  5. Cut lemons into 8 pieces and squeeze one piece on each taco for some zing.
  6. To prepare tortillas, spray them with cooking spray and spray pan then heat them up, a better alternative to oil frying.
  7. Note: you can use ground turkey instead of beef.
Nutrition summary

There are 429 calories in 1 serving of Beef Tacos.
Calorie split: 28% fat, 22% carbs, 50% protein.

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