Butternut Carrot Sweet Potato soup
Paleo and vegan creamy butternut squash carrot soup.
Servings: 18
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Average Rating: Average FatSecret member ranking
  1. Heat up the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Sauté the onion and the carrot for about 3-5 minutes.
  2. Add the squash and sweet potato to the pot and pour in the vegetable broth. Add the spices and salt and bring to a boil. Once it has started to boil, reduce to a simmer and cover while allowing it to cook for about 20 minutes or until all of the veggies are very tender. Pour in the coconut milk.
  3. Using an immersion blender or regular blender, puree the vegetables until a thick, smooth consistency is reached.
  4. Serve warm and enjoy.
Nutrition summary

There are 90 calories in 1 serving of Butternut Carrot Sweet Potato soup.
Calorie split: 53% fat, 42% carbs, 4% protein.

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