Cabbage and Noodles
A recipe my mom taught me to make when I was living at home.
Servings: 3
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  1. In a medium saucepan add the clove of garlic chopped with the margarine on medium heat.
  2. While cooking, chop and slice the head of cabbage.
  3. Slice onion.
  4. Add the cabbage and onion to the pan once the garlic is browned, cover and cook on medium heat for bout 45 minutes or until the cabbage starts to shrink down, turns brown, and is soft.
  5. After 20 minutes boil a pot of water and add the egg noodles.
  6. Once noodles are done, drain in the strainer.
  7. Once cabbage is done put on low or turn it off.
  8. In a big bowl mix the cabbage and noodles with a lid and shake. For extra flavor put a tablespoon of spaghetti cheese and enjoy with a garden salad!
Nutrition summary

There are 474 calories in 1 serving of Cabbage and Noodles.
Calorie split: 66% fat, 28% carbs, 7% protein.

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