One Pot Black-eyed Peas and Kale
A delicious vegetarian recipe that's even better the next day. Good source of protein, fiber, iron and vitamins.
Servings: 6
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  1. Rinse peas, sorting through and removing any damaged peas and debris.
  2. In large pot, combine peas, cold water and jalapeno pepper. Bring to boil; reduce heat to low. Cover and cook 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, in small skillet, heat sauté (without oil) the onion and garlic about 5 minutes; stir into peas.
  4. Add salt (if desired) and bay leaf.
  5. Place kale on top of peas; cook 15 additional minutes.
  6. Add pepper sauce; stir to combine peas and kale. Cook 5 additional minutes.
  7. Remove bay leaf before serving.
Nutrition summary

There are 325 calories in 1 serving of One Pot Black-eyed Peas and Kale.
Calorie split: 5% fat, 70% carbs, 25% protein.

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