Toasted Chickpeas
Chickpeas make for a great, healthy snack without giving up on taste.
Servings: 4
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Average Rating: Average FatSecret member ranking
  1. Heat a medium skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add a small amount of olive oil (optional) to the skillet to help the toasting process.
  3. Rinse and drain the chickpeas.
  4. Add the chickpeas to the skillet.
  5. Heat on medium until dried/toasted. About 15 minutes.
  6. Season with salt or any other seasonings you may desire.
  7. Note: great snack for Fat Smash.
Nutrition summary

There are 145 calories in 1 serving of Toasted Chickpeas.
Calorie split: 15% fat, 70% carbs, 15% protein.

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