Sodium in Donuts
The favorite choice for the term "Donuts" is 1 medium Doughnut (Plain) which has about 260 mg of sodium. The amount of salt (sodium) for a variety of types and serving sizes of Donuts is shown below.
Popular Types of Donuts

Plain Donuts
1 mini 76
1 medium 257
1 large 388
1 long type (stick) 284
Chocolate Coated Donuts
1 mini 120
1 medium 184
1 large 245

Other Popular Types of Donuts

Jelly Donut 190
Sugared or Glazed Donut 181
Sugared or Glazed Chocolate Donut 204
Chocolate Cream Filled Donut 187
Wheat Donut 149
Custard Filled Donut 201
Glazed French Donut (Cruller) 141
Churros 37
Oriental Donut 61

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