Sodium in Bagels
The favorite choice for the term "Bagels" is 1 regular Bagel which has about 500 mg of sodium. The amount of salt (sodium) for a variety of types and serving sizes of Bagels is shown below.
Popular Sizes of Plain Bagels

1 mini 116
1 small 309
1 medium 470
1 large 587

Other Popular Types of Bagels

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 287
Egg Bagel 530
Multigrain Bagel 520
Oat Bran Bagel 532
Onion Bagel 461
Poppy Seed Bagel 461
Pumpernickel Bagel 547
Sesame Bagel 461
Wheat Bagel 534
100% Whole Wheat Bagel 565
Regular with Raisins Bagel 338
Regular with Fruit Bagel 401

Toasted Bagels

Plain Bagel 475
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 287
Multigrain Bagel 516
Oat Bran Bagel 529
Pumpernickel Bagel 552
Wheat Bagel 541
100% Whole Wheat Bagel 570
Regular with Raisins Bagel 343
Regular with Fruit Bagel 398

Other Common Suggestions

Egg, Cheese and Bacon on Bagel 1747
Egg, Cheese and Ham on Bagel 1452
Egg, Cheese and Sausage on Bagel 1370
Egg, Cheese, and Steak on Bagel 1242
Toaster Bagel with Fruit and Cream Cheese 190
1 oz Bagel Chips 170

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